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Thread: interfacing a a relay (automotive world)
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> available from DIGIKEY. It's not the cheapest of circuits but
> I don't like to use relays if it is possible. Also, the IRFU9120 is
> a DMOS part, the diode is part of the process.

I'd like to use a relay only because it allows a small harness to be run
from the cabin to the engine bay where it will hit the 3 relays.  That then
allows minimal wiring in the engine bay from alternator/battery direct to
fans.  Having all the circuitry in the cabin and then having to run 12v all
the way to the fan would result in a lot of parasitic loss from all the mess
of wiring, no?  Granted your circuit could be placed in the entirety of the
engine bay, however that means more components in addition to the simple
controller that have to be located.  Shrug again!

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Subject (change) interfacing a a relay (automotive world)

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