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Thread: interfacing a a relay (automotive world)
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> An SCR is like a locking relay:  Once you turn it on, it's on.

Yeah... it was my dad suggesting it :)  And he was thinking of AC... I
remember the conversation.

> I'd suggest a power MOSFET or even a small relay.

Yeah, MOS is what I was thinking originally but it seems that most of these
transistor/relay circuits are BJT.

> There is no such diode in the TIP120, sorry.


That's the datasheet for a TIP120.  There is a diode, however it appears to
be in the wrong direction to shunt current from a collapsing field in a
relay coil that would be above this device (connected at C).  When base
current disappears, both the BJTs go off, but nothing can flow to ground
through that diode... no?


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Subject (change) interfacing a a relay (automotive world)

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