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Thread: Outlook folder sizes...
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> I'm having some trouble with Outlook. I just installed it recently, and
> imported my messages from Outlook express. Several of my mail folders are
> huge (20K+ messages, and up to 100MB), and Outlook will not let me move
> messages to these folders. When using rules to automatically sort my mail,
> it still doesn't get moved, meaning my inbox just becomes a
> cluttered mess.
> Outlook Express doesn't give me any trouble. I've looked everywhere for a
> maximum folder size setting, and can't find anything. What am I missing?
> I've done two installs on two machines running Win2K with the
> same results.

In my experience, the deleted items folder will only allow 16383 messages.
This is using real Outlook (not express).  There is no max folder size
setting to my knowledge, but there are some autoarchive settings.  It's
amusing that Outlook Express supports 20K+ messages but not Outlook.  I'd
say either switch back or switch to a "real" email program like Eudora or
Mulberry.  The only reason I continue to use Outlook is because it has all
of the date/calendar reminder/appointment stuff, and I don't think Eudora or
Mulberry have that (am I wrong?)

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