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Thread: Piclist.com servers on new UPS
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Just wanted to let everyone one know that I used part of the
money that was donated the other day to upgrade the little APC
Back UPS 280 to a $170 Back UPS 650. The 280 didn't have any real
way to tell the server it was about to fail and it couldn't run
more an one machine and not even that for more that a few
minutes. Now both my NT server and Dales SPARC are on the backup
as well as the cable modem, router, hub, monitor, etc... It will
continue working for an hour or so in a power fail and the back
UPS will let the NT server know to shut down before it fails.

Thanks for the support. I can (do) give some back in free web
hosting and continued expansion of the FAQ site. I'm also looking
in to haveing a backup list server ready in case the MIT thing
really drops out.

Right now, we really could use some help with the admin duties.
Dale is getting very tired of processing all the errors, etc...
Also, the FAQ site needs page editors. Do you guys realize there
is over 2 Gigs of content? I can't manage all that. Just keeping
it up to date is a group effort.

James Newton (webmaster, former admin #3)
1-619-652-0593 VM
1-208-279-8767 FAX

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