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Thread: I've got the Sloooooooowwws
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Thanks, Olin!

Can't reproduce the problem with ICD.  During the Slows, all of the software
functions eventually work properly, just veeerry sloowly. There are several
traps that would die of a watchdog timeout if certain variables were out of
range, and I always do range testing on anything that seems critical anyway.

 Some of these timer functions depend on interrupt code, some not.  At the
beginning of the program, there are some LED's that flash based on a delay
loop, before timer interrupts are enabled.  After that, timing is dependant
on the interrupt.  So it is hard to imagine a single fault in software that
could cause both to fail.

So far I am having luck with delaying MCLR, we will see if that holds today.

BTW, I haven't figured out how to convine Lookout Depressed to change my
REPLY address, my apologies.


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