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Thread: IDE interfacing - what about the file system
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On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, Herbert Graf wrote:
>         It might be a moot point anyways, in the end I want to use
> this inside a car and it turns out that laptop drivers are much more
> shock resistant then desktop drives, at least not enough to be safe in
> a car.

I researched this quite a bit a few years ago before I built my original
mp3 player for car use. I settled on Maxtor 3.5 inch desktop hard drives,
based on the operating spec.

4 years later, I have never had a problem with that drive, and it survived
a 50 MPH head-on collision last week. I don't know if the drive recal'ed
when I hit, but the music never stopped.

That's rugged enough for me. And my neck hurts.

Sure, laptop drives are more rugged. I'm not going to "test" it :)

Cheerful regards,


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Subject (change) IDE interfacing - what about the file system

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