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Thread: how does this exit the ISR?
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>         banksel PIR1
>         btfss   PIR1,SSPIF      ; Is this a SSP interrupt?
>         goto    $               ; No, just trap here.
>         bcf     PIR1,SSPIF
>         call    SSP_Handler     ; Yes, service SSP interrupt.
> >From this...it checks the PIR1 bit to see if the I2C is the source of
> interupt and if so, clears it and handles it.  Otherwise the 'goto $' makes
> it just sit and stay there, so how does it exit the ISR if the interupt is
> not from the I2C, or given that there cannot be another source, does it
> simply lock up then? Not exactly sure what is going on there.

Yes, it just locks up if not an I2C interrupt. This is an example, and
they didn't have any other sources of interrupt, but put the stub there
for you to use if you have other sources of interrupt, just change the

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Subject (change) how does this exit the ISR?

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