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Thread: f877 flash programming
picon face BY : wouter van ooijen & floortje hanneman email (remove spam text)

Reading through the In Circuit Serial Programming document I found that the
max program time for the modern flash chips (f62x, f87x) is 5 ms instead of
the 10 ms for the older chips (16x84). Nice, I can make my programmer
faster. But there is also a typical programming type of 2 ms. What is the
use of that spec? I am not aware of a way to check that the cycle is
finished, so I will have to wait the worst case 5 ms, or am I missing

Another programming question: the document shows ID word values. Are these
- flash (writeable) or read-only
- if writeable: must they be set to the listed value or are they just there
for a programmer to detect trhe type of chip?

Wouter van Ooijen
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