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Thread: is it ok to have stack underflow ?
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> In my 16F628 program I call a subroutine that waits for an event to
> If the event does not happen within a certain length of time can I use a
> goto instruction to restart the program from a known point, without using
> return instruction to pop the return address back off the stack ?
> I know this will cause a stack underflow(?) condition, but since the stack
> is a circular buffer surely it won't matter because subsequent calls will
> have the required return to go with them - or will it ?

Stack overflow is never a problem, it is the stack underflow (that in most
cases unavoidably follows a stack overflow) that is the problem. But what
you describe is one of the specialised uses of stack overflow that does not
cause a later underflow (because you skip a return), so this use ie
perfectly OK.

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Subject (change) is it ok to have stack underflow ?

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