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Thread: 15L datasheet and instruction set frustration
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Hi Lyle,
 First off, I've never done anything with the 15L.

The 15L complete data sheet downloaded from the atmel web site, clearly
shows that there are no x or y pointers. And the instruction set summery at
the end of the data sheet does not show any z+ instruction.

 The generic instruction set that is part of the assembler documentation
shows the instruction set for the entire AVR processor family. And yes I've
been bit by trying to use an instruction that was not implemented on the
particular processor I was using. But it should generate an error.

 There does appear to be an error in the assembler regarding  the 15l
 A couple of quick tests with the following test code.

.device ATtiny15
        st      z+,r16

does not generate an unsupported command error

If we change the device to ATiny11 or 12, it does generate an error
ATiny28 does not generate an error.

Something is wrong here.

 Not too much help, but I might also suggest the forums over at avrfreaks
for additional on-line help and support.

BTW the data sheet I used to check the atiny15L  instruction set was
downloaded from:
And the version of avrstudio I'm using is 3.51.



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