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Thread: TO-220 heatsinking: THANKS!
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Hi all,

I'd just like to say many thanks to those who have offered advice on the
heatsinking issue. Some very interesting points have been made, and no doubt
I shall now redesign the board to make room for some heatsinks. The point
about the extra mechanical support they offer is a good one too (it gets a
right pain when the TO220 packages start to bend around and fall off after
you've handled the board a few times...)

So for future heatsink calculations, I suppose the best approach is to
actually make some temp measurements inside the enclosure under extreme
conditions e.g. under a spotlight or something, and use that as your Ta?
Hey, this thermometer I've had on my 15yr old Casio watch may come in useful
after all...



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Subject (change) TO-220 heatsinking: THANKS!

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