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Thread: external access to internal DATA EEPROM
picon face BY : wouter van ooijen & floortje hanneman email (remove spam text)

> Does anyone know if it is possible to directly write to the internal
> DATA EEPROM of a PIC using a PROM programmer. I'm
> wondering if there is a way to initialise it without going through
> code running in the PIC.

Microchip 'by convention' places eeprom data defined in an application at a
certain address in the same .hex file as the program code (0x2100?). All
programmers I know will write such data to the eeprom in the PIC. When there
is no code in the .hex file they would just write the data (but maybe erase
the code first to be sure to start with a blank chip). NB the i2c eeprom in
a 12ce518/9 can not be written this way.

Wouter van Ooijen

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