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Thread: Sources of ISCP problems (was 16f84 Question)
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> Did I read in a thread recently that a fast starting oscillator is also a
> potential problem?  Should I ground the OCS1 while programming?

That's the vcc to vpp rise: you can get away with a slow rise when it does
not 'span' more than X clock cycles.

> I'm guessing I don't need to tie LVP low if I'm using HVP, correct?

Might work, might not work. Better be safe than sorry.

> How about breadboards?  Since I'm just starting out, most of my work is
done on
> these.  Since I've read here that they are 'big capacitors', is this also
> source of problems?  Even if no other part of the circuit is connected to
> and RB7.

I never found that a problem. A few 10's of pf is not what I would call big.

> Finally what about the programmer?  Once ISCP programmer I've tried works
> 10% of the time, on 16F84A and 16F628 parts always in HVP mode.  I
recently got
> a ICD, on the same breadboard, same MCLR > 10K R > VCC, it works 100%
percent of
> the time on 16F87x parts.  Maybe the inconsistent programmer is getting
bit by
> the oscillator issue (I'll go try that now)?

could be.
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