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Thread: 16f84 Question
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> > > Yes, but you risk damage to the chip if you ground it directly

> I think you may have misunderstood "ground it directly". Not tied
> to ground (although why would you want to have the PIC in
> permanent reset, but maybe it's my turn to misunderstand),

OK, I still can't read 'ground it directly' different from 'tied to ground'
but that might be my problem. Tying MCLR either to ground or Vcc is OK, but
to a current source independent from Vcc (such as a cap) is definitely bad.

And why would anyone tie /MCLR to ground directly? Well, I do that with a
reset switch... When I want a really form reset (of both the PIC and maybe a
HD44780 which does not have a reset input) I tie Vcc to Gnd! With an 7805
that is not a big problem and it cures even a brownout-problem.

Wouter van Ooijen

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