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Thread: NYC - electronics parts stores?
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Hi Jesse,
 You are just a few years too late (closer to 12).
 NYC used to abound with electronics stores. Canal St. in particular had
some wonderful surplus places. Alas, all gone now, sniff, replaced by
storefronts that sell car audio systems or counterfeit Rolex
watches.  There is a small counter at the back of the store at 260 Canal
St. (used to be a full blown electronics shop, Sylvan & Wellington), but
I'm afraid R.S. is the best you are going to get these days. Actually,
thankfully  R.S. exists.  They have saved my ass on several occasions, even
with their small selection.

For the most part these days, I just order everything from Digikey or
Mouser. At least Mouser has no minimum order.

 If you do find anyplace in your searches, then please share your discovery..



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