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Thread: Solar cells - NZ & Australia only
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Dick Smith Electronics have their cat O2017 2 volt 500 mA solar cells on
special at $12.70 + GST trade in 1/s
This is an ugly looking octagonal panel using 4 quarter round cells with
"reasonable" but not good packing density. (121mm  x 121mm x 4mm deep.)
Weather sealing is marginal and for real use an exterior cover would be

Cells are electrically in series.

These cells MAY represent the best value for money per watt available for
small size solar panels. (If anyone in NZ / Oz knows a better value small
panel please advise.)  7 or 8 of these in series would provide a 7 watt 12
volt panel - eg suitable for recharging your laptop during a weekend / week
at the beach (get a life).

       Russell McMahon

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