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Thread: Prolonging life-time of alkaline cell
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> > It is the voltage drop across the junction that causes
> > the heat to be generated (P=IV)
> Got it now. VA (in) = VA (out) + thermal energy
> So, the answer to the original question is - A diode in
> series with a battery consumes no current of its own

Two useful basic theorems of electrical circuitry are --

- Mean current flow into any circuit node is zero

- The sum of potentillas around a closed loop equals zero

The latter is, AFAIR after all these years, Kirchoffs theorum and the former
is, um err, brain fade, it's, oh bother ....
Cheats - looks in text book - no wonder I can't remember the name - it's the
same guy - it's Kirchoffs current theorum (the 2nd being his voltage theorum
of course). Very useful (indeed essential) for all sorts of circuit


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