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Thread: Ascii text "drawing" software -- ASCIICAD
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> > > It isn't as handy as it could be, but yes, just set the tool to the
> > > letter you want it to place and just left click.
> > >
> > Thanks, I should have figure that one out.
> > An other one. As it is very easy overwrite something by mistake, do you
plan to make undo (Ctrl-z) operational or is it already?
> > Gaston
> So nobody is interestd in my EE-Draw program now?

I think Roman is being a wee bit too sensitive over his treatment at the
hands of wee fickle Piclisters.
As one sig line says (amended) - your competition are not your enemy -
certainly not here in hippie-ware world.

I downloaded one of the middie versions of Roman's program and it was
certainly going in the right direction. I look forward to its completion. I
have bookmarked Al's one for when it also reaches maturity. There should be
a place for both if they don't both produce identical outputs.

My greatest need is for something suitable for putting good ASCII diagrams
in email. I can, albeit a little laboriously, produce GIFs from my old steam
driven PROTEL so if things get too complex that is often a viable solution.
For PICLIST level ccts with a few transistors, inductors, resistors etc and
maybe an IC or 2 then a straight ASCII solution is brilliant. Being able to
mail the standalone program is useful but not as much as having good ASCII
output. A program of any REASONABLE size can always be pointed to on a web
site and in many cases the main need is to send the diagram - enabling the
recipient to modify and respond is another (also very useful) matter.

I'll be very happy to see Roman's program become as useful as Protel DOS
Schematic! - keep up the good work Roman.
User warning: Use non-proportional font to view this artistic creation -

                          ,*,        ,*,
                          *|*        *|*
                          '*'        '*'

                        |      '**'      |
                        '--             ,'

By EE-Draw. 437 text bytes.


               Russell McMahon

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