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Thread: British Telecomm jacks: where to find them?
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Farnell MAY have whatever it is and they do handle international traffic -
at least here in NZ where their products come extremely promptly from
Australia. Order by 6pm here - on doorstep at about 7am next morning !!!


Subject: Re: [BUY]: British Telecomm jacks: where to find them?

> Go to RS Components website at rshttp://www.com and check out stock
> 470-263, 470-279, 470-285 and 470-291. They may all be on the same page. I
> got these numbers from my CD version of the catalogue by searching for
> "handset" and it was the first selection after that.
> Your biggest problem dealing with RS will be to order them, as they expect
> you to use the dealer in your country, and they don't do international
> I am aware.

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Subject (change) British Telecomm jacks: where to find them?

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