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Thread: photodetectors ( tag changed from OT)
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> >Last time I 'heard' anything they were
> >trying to use ultrasonic not-quite-so standing waves
> >to pump the helium around.
> Hmm, my current project is to simulate a J-T cooler which uses piston
> so they can develop software for a DSP in the drive electronics without
> having to run an expensive-to-run cooler and risk damaging it. ;)
> Did hear something about an ultrasonic method of pumping as well, but it
> going to be another project.

I would be interested in hearing about the JT cooler - perhaps under a
different [EE] topic tag to avoid confusing this thread. What sort of size,
what piston pumps are being used? JT is usually a largish scale industrial
process and requires rather high pressures to be useful (2000 psi+ typical)
so I would be interested in hearing if this is small or lower pressure.
Gifford-McMahon (no relation :-) ) (poor man's Stirling) lends itself more
to smaller systems.

       Russell McMahon

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Subject (change) photodetectors ( tag changed from OT)

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