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Thread: Digital voice recording & playback?
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> I agree the ISD chips are great! I used the ISD4004-08M in the
> BrailleMaster
> (http://www.dovesystems.com/BuildPage.php3?page=braille).
>         With only 10 seconds of speech, you MIGHT be able to get away with
> with a bunch of ROM (18c252?) and PWM output. In the BrailleMaster, I've
> got 8 minutes of speech. The ISD chip was definitely the way to go
> there...

Depends a lot on what he means by "quality speech". For most applications
the ISD is very very acceptable. Better than AM radio or telephone quality.
If you want "FM radio" quality the ISD does not have adequate bandwidth.

I make disability communication devices with older ISD chips (2590) running
at the "middle" speech quality and many people have commented on the good
quality of the speech compared to other products in this market.

       Russell McMahon

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