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Thread: homemade CNC pick and place
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>     No need to change needles. Just use a stronger vacuum and the solenoid
> valve. That is how some of the operators do with the manual setup. Most
> prefer to pick the round components with a mechanical tweezer and some use
> stronger vacuum and the solenoid valve.
>     The manual and automatic setup are quite different beasts. In the
> setup using a stronger vacuum is not the best way because you need to use
> the valve and use both hands or a foot switch to drop the components over
> the solder paste.

You could build a valve into the handpiece to keep it one handed - either a
squeeze to break vacuum or a squeeze to apply it. Breaking vacuum could be
as simple as flattening a silicon rubber tube. Or you could have a simple on
/ off valve in the handpiece - or perhaps a "vent to atmosphere" that
shunted vacuum away from the needle tip.

       Russell McMahon

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