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Thread: Low Current Voltage Regulator -- where to get them?
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> I'm looking for a 5 volt regulator that draws very little current when
> there is no load.  Mouser Electronics has a Seiko part (S-81250SGY) in a
> TO-92 package that looks like it would be just about perfect (1.2 uA and
> only ~60 cents) but they won't have any available until at least the end
> April.  Does anyone know of either an alternative source for this part or
> an alternative part that is actually shipping?  (I'm looking for a
> thru-hole part.)

The LM2936 is amongst the best I have ever found for low quiescent current
and low dropout voltage. It is a relatively expensive part.
Maximum current is 50 mA.

       Russell McMahon

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