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Thread: Unsubscribulationism
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> > >Right, quick P and back to perfunctories
> >
> >         Ugh! ;oD
> Sorry, it was either that or go Bang

"Go Bang", otherwise known as "Go moku" (literally "Go 5") is a game similar
to Noughts and Crosses but played in the squares of  a 19 x 19 interstice Go
board with the object of obtaining 5 stones in a line. More than 5 stones
doesn't count (and is quite often achievable).This is a MUCH more complex
and non-trivial games than O's and Crosses and a game may last over 30
minutes and fill almost the entire board. A draw is extremely rare. .

The board is specified as 19 x 19 interstice as the real game of Go is
played on the interstices of the board. A smaller 13 x 13 quicker game may
be played but the handicapping then becomes awkward.

Go was originally of Chinese origin but was adapted as the/a Japanese
national games some 3000 years ago. There are full time professional
players. It is much more subtle and complex than chess (and, arguably, much
more satisfying) due to the simpler rule set, larger board, and only one
type of playing piece. Perfect freedom only comes through perfect bondage -
Go comes close as games go (you may play almost anywhere on the board (often
some 200+ choices) on your turn and there is no absolute right move but in a
given situation there are very very few best moves and many many manifestly
inferior ones.)

A novice may be playing with a full knowledge of the rules within 5 minutes
of 1st encounter. Mastery, however, takes a lifetime.

That is what you were talking about wasn't it ? :-)


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