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Thread: Fw: mechanically scanned display
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I may have mentioned this to you before, but quite some time ago I saw a
commercial product exactly like this.  My memory is now fairly vague but I
recall that it was a bit over 1 metre in diameter, used red LED's, and had
the electronics (which in those days was probably an 8080/6800 or something
similar driving a heap of LSTTL logic for display refresh) built into the
base (giving it the appearance of a giant "cathedral" type vintage radio).
I seem to recall that it was manufactured in the UK.

It could display an analog clock face with the day and date as text, or one
of several animated "cartoons" each lasting a few seconds.  I recall that
the displayed image was not particularly stable (tended to "dance" around a
bit) but it was an impressive piece of gear back in circa 1975.

Unfortunately I can't remember where I saw it, but is was most likely at the
Auckland Easter Show.


   Ken Mardle

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