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Thread: Demi-Unscrubschriebel
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As part of my new year's revolutions (spinning in ever decreasing circles?)
I've decided to (try to) reduce the amount of email content that tempts me
to read it. I am splitting my PICLIST sub into EE and all other boxes and
will (try to) regularly read only the EE folder. The rest will be received
and archived as a great resource but for now I will try not to be tempted by
it. This also means that I will miss all the great (and not so great) OT

If anyone who knows my mindset well enough by now * sees anything outside EE
that they feel would merit my closer attention they are encouraged and most
welcome to send a copy my way AFTER having mutilated the subject line enough
to not make it NOT look like a PICLIST message (probably removing the colon
(":") after the tag is enough as the senders address will not be PICList.

* - eg meritorious social or  religious comment or greetings, leading edge
techo, intractable problems which can be argued over for hours or years
without resolution, posts from people who think you can use a pendulum for
an Apogee detector :-), posts from people who think it's OK for current to
flow in PIC (or any cpu's) body diodes, most anything that Jinx says that
isn't profane or obscene (a large minority :-)), posts from people who feel
it's ok to drive at 100 kph in 50 kph areas as long as you have a radar
detector as a safety aid, etc

Y'All have a good year!

             Russell McMahon

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