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Thread: question about light dimmer circuit
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this can be a normal 1/4 watt or 1/2 watt resistor. The optoisolator has a
diac on the isolated output that triggers the gate of the TRIAC. There is
very little current going through this resistor.  I would recommend that you
design your dimmer using a Solid State Relay, using a random fire version.
You can get them from Digikey.  They have all the required components inside
for dimming.  You have a low voltage side and high voltage side.  The low
voltage side has a ground and 3-32vdc connection.  The solid state relay has
an internal resistor so it just connects to an output of the PIC.  You just
mount it to a heat sink and it's ready to go.  Remember that TRIAC's and
other thyristor type devices drop about 1 volt across the junction which
needs to be dissipated into some type of a heat sink.  The bigger the
better, as heat is the enemy.
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