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Thread: Did someone think?
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>I think they do it so industrial spies watching the loading dock will think
>that vast quantities are being shipped.

Might be more true than you think. :)

My personal favorite:

At most fast food places, they have a sign, saying that they have braille
Let's case this out.
If you're blind, you can't see the sign, and you'd just ask.
If you're not blind, you don't need them.

BTW: I asked a blind friend about the ATM braille, it's even sillier than
you think. The button labels say "1", "2", "3" etc.  So, with the modal
screen menus, which change every time they redo the software, you have no
idea what the buttons mean.

How about this one:  Braille signs on the walls for directions.. Just how
are you supposed to find the signs?  If you work there, you might know
where the signs are, but then again, how likely that you'll need directions?

Don't be me wrong, I'm not down on the blind at all, just the poorly
thought out, and usually, insanely expensive "solutions" to their problems.

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