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Thread: Did someone think?
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At 12:51 PM 11/21/01 +1100, Gennette, Bruce wrote:
>Depends on which part of the world you are in.
>If you're in the 110V part then switching to 240V gets you no where (you get
>around 45% of 110V).  If you're in the 240V part then you suddenly get a
>loud bang as the power supply fuse explodes (if you are lucky) because you
>have swiched the transformer input windings from the 45% one to the 100%

What transformer?

What you're actually doing, is reconfiguring the input from voltage doubler
(110V) to rectifier (220)
The idea is to end up with roughly the same DCV feeding the SMPS.

(yes, your computer will almost certainly run on high voltage DC.  It would
be the world's cheapest, and most efficient UPS)  You may need to supply a
60/50 hz input for timekeeping though.

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