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Thread: CSVD or other on PIC (compress audio)
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> > Does CVSD work only for voice, or can it do music? tones?
> CVSD works excellently for any sound. I use a now-obsoleted
> DSP for sound reproduction. They are hungry little monkeys
> though, and as you say it's easy to gobble up memory. I'm in,
> or will be in, the same position as you. One of these days I'll
> have to implement CVSD without the DSP as I use up the last
> of those available. To keep the fidelity I'm used to I don't see
> a way around using a lot of external RAM. The system of CVSD
> I'm familiar with is 1-bit serial, which may be difficult to compress.
> If it were 8-bit parallel there may be some hope

I would imagine (but I sometimes have an active imagination) that CVSD would
be quite easy to implement on any PIC with an A2D (depending of course on
desired audio bandwidth). For 5 kHz bandwidth (arguably better than an AM
radio station) a sampling rate of 10 kHz+ or 100 uS / sample is required.
Processing should be simple enough. Serial ROM access may be a bottleneck.



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Subject (change) CSVD or other on PIC (compress audio)

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