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Thread: Leonid Meterorites NOW !!!
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> Awe-inspiring, spectacular, dazzling, embiggening, humbling,
> epiphanic, meteorific

Well, you often can't have everything, but I would rate what I saw as 1,2,
?4?, ?5, ???7??? above

> Once more,
> the Universe Inc CEO (Celestial Events Organiser) plants a turd on
> my path through life, which I gullibly stepped on to. Yet again

Ye would nae be developing a victim mentality there would ye laddie?
On Sunay morning at 4am I dressed up warmish & dryish and lay in the local
park for 90 minutes odd, stared at the sky and saw no Leonids.
The one interesting south to north satellite was almost worth the time and
just staring at the starry sky balanced the ledger sheet to the positive.

Last night (Monday morning NZ time) I got up at 3:15am and dressed up
warmish etc etc and travelled to St Heliers and saw 30+ Leonids from the
park at the end of the known world, while being spied on by one of the local
TV teams. (See TV3 6pm News Monday night - you may hear comments about my
having thermal underwear on)(The which was very welcome due to somewhat
nippy conditions which everyone else complained about). The children belong
to a friend who gave a much more erudite speech for the camera than I would
have been capable of, thermal long-johns notwithstanding. .

I suspect that I would have done quite well from the local Te Atatu park -
local cloud cover is THE biggest factor.

I'll be back (local park only) (CEO willing) for one more try tonight
(Tuesday morning NZ). From about 3am look between N and E and from horizon
right up to zenith and beyond (tricky blighters). Small ones were visible
from 3 I'm told and got brighter by 4. Try to have something block out city
lights. Display continues till well past dawn. If Jupiter is bright then
meteorites may be visible.

Consider investing one more early arising "just in case". We are
theoretically past the peak but past results have shown that, as with the
stockmarket, past performance is not an indicator of future results (not
totally anyway).

I rang a friend in Hamilton at 4:15am - the CEO had laid on wall to wall
cloud there and he saw nothing (except cloud).




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