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Thread: Bulb Life
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> The toilet light bulb ( a yellow anti insect one 40W) lasted for 4 years,
> the replacements are averaging 6 months, it is not turned on and off all
> time, it gets turned on as it gets dark, and left on till it is light in
> morning (have young kids lol)
> all my 100W bulbs around the place blow regularly sigh, I guess they are
> made to fail so we keep buying them


you are a prime candidate for a "fluorescent" bulb.
These now sell regularly for $NZ10 here so should be similar there.
A replacement fluro' bulb will require about 6 watts.

As a rule of thumb, if electricity is $0.10 a unit then it will cost you $1
per year per watt for a bulb turned on 24 hrs a day.
So a 40 watt bulb turned on say 10 hrs/day costs, relative top a 6 watt bulb
= ($40 - $6) x 10/24 =~ $14 per year for power. Add about $1.50 for 2 bulbs
per year and your payback time for the fluro is about 8 or 9 months. The
fluro should last several years (keep the packet and clip the receipt to it
for the ones that don't :-) ).

       Russell McMahon

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