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Thread: Refilling HP smart cartridges
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> One thing I haven't seen anyone discuss yet:
> Would you rather pay $150 for the printer and $30 for ink carts, or $350
> for  the printer and $8 for ink?

That break even point occurs at about 11 cartridges - less than most users
would use in a printer's lifetime. Therefore the dearere printer cheaper ink
scenario is the better one.

> One look at companies like HP and Epson and you know they aren't making a
> total mint.

I see nothing to suggest that HP are not making a total mint on printers

>You guys act like these companies forced you to buy their
> printers. They've just come to realize that the most effective way for
> to sell and attempt to make a profit is to be a loss leader on the actual
> printers and make it up with the ink carts. Nothing wrong with that model.
> It's exactly the same model as any buy now, pay later system.
> How many people do you think would buy a $350 printer when there was just
> good of a printer sitting right next to it for $99? Not enough for that
> company to stay in business...

- They would if they had an honest presentation of the facts. Note that one
manufacturer does this with their "green" laser printers. Purchase price is
higher but total cost of ownership is FAR lower. People buy them.

- IMHO the prices charged for cartridges are gouging by any standard.
(In case anyone misses the point - it's plain (but possibly legal) theft
:-) ).

- For a moderate (not low) volume user the cost of ownership using the
disposable cartridge model is VERY much higher than if the printer was
several times dearer and ink was a fair price. Given that no equivalent
printers are several times dearer to buy, including those with refillable
tanks, something is aglae.

- Note that eg Canon are selling refillable tank printers at costs
comparable to those from eg HP.

- I very much doubt if the printers sell below cost - just at slim margins.
If the system is CL:EARLY a buy now pay later system and the user can make
an informed choice then fine. Choice by subterfuge is no choice at all. At
least, not the first time.

- You say that people are acting as if they are forced to buy their
printers. Effectively, until you discover the hard way that you have not
bought what you thought you had bought, then you are indeed being forced to
buy. NEXT time you are not - and as long as there is a choice I will never
again buy a printer whose cost of ownership is many times larger when used
as recommended than an equal performance alternative. Next purchase, if they
continue as they do now, Canon will have my close scrutiny. And I will
advise other buyers to look carefully as well.

- The fact that you "cannot" refill is largely hidden from buyers - its
certainly not advertised. I am usually a relatively (read VERY) careful
buyer of "technology" but I did not realise this before I bought.

- HP have been trying to stop refilling before now when prices were higher.
eg The HP500 cartridges were initially easily refilled but they "improved"
them with a spring system to make them leak when punctured. Refilling
methods had to be changed to cope.

           Russell McMahon

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