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Thread: Refilling HP smart cartridges
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A friend of mine looked into buying printer in bulk for his business, he was
offered hp 840 (budget model in the UK) for £5 each (GBP) thats about $10 USD each,
boxed, new with printer cartridges! only snag, was he would have to buy 100,000 of
them! but if they (hp) can make a profit on that, how much must it cost then to
make one?

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It's not silly if you don't assume the printer is only worth ¤99. Just
beacsue it sells for ¤99 doesn't mean it costs less than that to
manufacture. That could easily be a ¤250 printer that they sell for ¤99 to
get you hooked on their cartridges.

Many companies do this- the biggest one I can think of right now is the
Microsoft Xbox. Sells for ¤300, costs something like ¤450 to make. They make
it up when you buy their licensed software. The printers are no different.

Other loss-learder situations are things like the TiVo PVR, ISP rebates,
DirectTV recievers, Book/CD/DVD club intro offers, and just about any other
discount that is given for the first couple months of service. This is a
really common scheme just applied in a very creative way.


> Well Ian you have a point BUT, is it not silly when with one printer
> manufacturer here in Aus, that its cheaper to buy a new printer from them
> than two cartridges.
> Admittedly its their bottom of the range printer and few people do the
> calculations. I would suggest its the retailer who gains more from the
> repeat business and at a slightly better mark up.
> Colin

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