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Thread: Anyway to design a circuit to predict weather is going to rain?
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> Here in Australia it is a little different, not only do we know it is
> to rain but we can control when and how much it will rain.
> All we do is wash the car and it rains. The amount of rain is proportional
> to the amount of effort we put into cleaning the car.

New Zealand:

New Plymouth

   If you can't see the mountain (Taranaki) it is raining.
   If you can see the mountain then it is going to rain.

Westland (wet-land), Chatham Islands

   If it's not raining then someone has made a mistake.
   This will be remedied VERY shortly.


   Rains quite a lot. Mainly at weekends.


   Rains less than Auckland but the rain comes in horizontally.


   Usually rains somewhere here about 2 or 3 days after the Aussie's wash
their cars.

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Subject (change) Anyway to design a circuit to predict weather is going to rain?

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