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Thread: Refilling HP smart cartridges
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> > > This is why I suspect the newest cartridges now have one of those
> > > serial number chips in it. If it was an EPROM with the count in it,
> >
> > The refiller I've been talking about is a franchisee, and she and the
> > others have sussed out the Epson cartridges and how to reset them
> > after refilling. They have tried and failed to do the same with the HP
> > cartridges, so an ID chip sounds likely
> >
> Hmmm, maybe there are two mechanisms. An ID chip would identify
> the cartridge to the printer, but not the state of fill. And a refilled
> works perfectly well in any other printer, so it isn't damaged. I think I
> should ask her to try and get a cartridge to go under the knife. Dare I
> ask HP why my refilled cartridge doesn't work ?

You could, but don't expect a useful answer.
It says something like "for single use" on the packaging :-(


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