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Thread: Refilling HP smart cartridges - The Answer!
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> >> The printer has a built in "damaging mechanism" that destroys the
> >> contacts when the cartridge is removed so that it is no longer
> >> electrically useable.
> >
> >Ah, but - if you try a refilled cartridge in the printer it came from it
> >won't work. Pop it in another printer and it will. True, I saw it myself
> >yesterday. Refill Lady says the cartridge she has has no apparent
> >damage
> >
> >So there must be something that identifies a cartridge to the printer,
> >implying (no, I'm not an imp lying ;-))  there's some electronic skull-
> >duggery
> My pick would be that there is a serial number rom in the cartridge
> a chip version of an I-Button serial number device) and the printer
> recognises it has seen that serial number before, possibly storing the
> serial numbers seen in a database using a hashing algorithm. It would
> probably not need to store many numbers to make most people believe there
> some magic smoke somewhere in the cartridge that makes the printer know it
> is finished, and unusable, so they give up on trying refills.

That idea fits Jinx's model and experience but not mine (which I got from
the leaflet in the refill package).
Mine DEFINITELY allow multiple refills in the same printer if you use the
supplied antidamage strip.
MAYBE they would have anyway ???

One that finally died does show damage to the contacts consistent with what
you would expect from plugging into a sharp object such as a contact.
Nothing is obviously "frangible" - more research needed.



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