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Thread: Refilling HP smart cartridges - The Answer!
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> I wonder if the printer companies are going to start cracking down on
> stuff like this. I wonder what the legalities of this is...is it like
> pirating software? Refilling a cartridge is one thing, but deliberately
> defeating mechanisms might be something else. Remember what happened
> with defeating the copy protection on DVDs :) Don't get me wrong, I
> don't support the printer companies at all in this, I just don't want
> the entreprenuring businesspeople to get screwed in the end.

A typical arms race.As far as I understand it, from the wording of the
licence, overcoming DVD zone limitations is not ILLEGAL - just a mechanism
that "they" put in place to try to make you do their will. As they are
entitled to do. Similarly the printer cartridge makers are allowed to do
really stupid things to rip you off. I would be surprised if it was illegal
for you in turn to do stupid things to try and stop them. I also suspect
that in my country at least the schemes used by printer makers are actually
illegal. But we will have to see.

       Russell McMahon


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