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Thread: Refilling HP smart cartridges - The Answer!
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> > The printer has a built in "damaging mechanism" that destroys the
> > contacts when the cartridge is removed so that it is no longer
> > electrically useable.
> Ah, but - if you try a refilled cartridge in the printer it came from it
> won't work. Pop it in another printer and it will. True, I saw it myself
> yesterday. Refill Lady says the cartridge she has has no apparent
> damage
> So there must be something that identifies a cartridge to the printer,
> implying (no, I'm not an imp lying ;-))  there's some electronic skull-
> duggery
> The printers/cartridges I know about that this affects are, amongst
> others, - G55, G85, G95, K60 K80, 930C, 950C, 955C, 970Cxi,
> 990Cxi, 1220C, HP6578, P1000, P1100, P1215, P1218

Seems to be several things happening here.
My G85 does allow refilling multiple times when using the Calidad strip.
After multiple times it stopped working.

If what you say is correct then it may be that there is NO damaging
mechanism (contrary to what is claimed by Calidad) and my printer may work
with the old cartridge if I try it again subsequently - provided that the
printer doesn't keep a list of all the cartridges it has known :-). This
would be easy enough for it to do. However, if there is NO damaging
mechanism (and Calidad are wrong) then what does their piece of plastic
do? - it manifestly does something as the cartridge can be reused. As the
plastic is inserted after the clamp is undone and removed before the clamp
is done up again, it should not do anything electrical.



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