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Thread: Refilling HP smart cartridges
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At 08:09 PM 11/12/01 -0600, Dale Botkin wrote:
>On Mon, 12 Nov 2001, David VanHorn wrote:
> > A friend informs me that their whole focus (unless they dump Carly) is
> > going to be on maneuvers like this.
>Because they see everyone else getting away with it, sadly...  Look at the
>companies who tried to keep their integrity intact when entering the
>consumer market, it reads like the obituaries.  Now look at the "success
>stories" -- ah, there's where that stable floor residue ended up!

I agree completely. I hope the HP board fully appreciates that we engineers
now have no reason to trust that HP has a superior product, or indeed has
even an acceptable product.

In '95 or so, I had an interesting experience with HP. I forget the exact
model number, but we rented an EMC analyzer for about $3k. This was
necessary, because I had (gasp) failed part 15.

Never had THAT happen before!  So, of course I wanted to find out what went

The HP analyzer was totally unable to even find the noise.  This was
puzzling, because when we did the open field test, the engineers from the
other test site came over and asked us to please turn ours off, as it was
making it impossible for them to make accurate measurements.  (When I blow
it, I blow it BIGTIME!)

It turned out that the board was radiating about 20mW near 160 MHz.

The funny part is that I was originally going to suggest that we simply buy
a decent wideband receiver, and troubleshoot it that way, but I figured
that I had just tanked my credibility on the subject, and I went with the
"classic" approach.

Well, we went back to the ham store, bought the receiver, and within
minutes of unpacking it, had located the spike, and within an hour we knew
where I had failed to make my ground impedance low enough.

The HP rep later admitted to me that their new DSP based units "don't pick
up pulsed noise very well"..  !@#!@$!#%%$%#

Now, I just use my receiver to do prescans, and saved the equivalent of a
loaded range rover.

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