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Thread: Refilling HP smart cartridges
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> I got into conversation with a customer and the owner of the local
> printer shop yesterday. Both were frustrated by HP's new smart
> printer cartridges (eg HP6578) that cannot be refilled. Somehow
> the printer knows that it's been refilled and will not print. You have
> to buy a new cartridge, at a price significantly more than a refilled
> one. I've had a quick look around the web this morning and found
> that people are aware of the "problem" but no sign of an easy hack
> to get around it.

The long term answer, which won't help you this time is NEVER EVER again but
from manufacturers who do this.
Canon are offering refillable tank "technology". I have never considered
buying a Canon in the past but will do so from now on, as long as they
persist in this. It's also highly probably that, in NZ, this practice
violates the Commerce Act and the consumer guarantees act.

I have a superb HPG85 all in one printer/scanner/fax. It is a marvellous
printer and scanner. I am very happy with it. I will never buy another HP
again if they persist with the system they have on the G85 or the one's you
mention. The G85 has a cartridge damaging system which purposefully damages
the frangible contacts when you remove it after use. The refill people
provide a means to defeat this system. It works, at least for a number of
fills. The cost difference is extreme and shows that HP are making an
iniquitous profit on their disposables. All it needs is consumer awareness
and consumer action.

     Russell McMahon

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