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Thread: Uniden Radar Detector with integrated GPS
picon face BY : Russell McMahon email (remove spam text)

After the recent discussion re radar detectors and GPS I was surprised to
find that Uniden have produced a combined radar / LIDAR detector with
integrated GPS.


For those who need to get a life, or who are more relaxed than some about
taking somebody else's, this could just be just the thing.
It is being promoted here as a Christmas gift - just the thing for those who
wish to speed unobstructed through the festive season.

The price of around $US350 seems very reasonable for a device which has the
potential to save far far more than that for people antisocial enough to
need one.

Again, lay on .....

       Russell McMahon


Thinking Xmas Presents?
Uniden has the answer!
Check out Uniden's New Radar Detector
with GPS that can worn of
fixed pole cameras!
key radar features:

anti-falsing database
no alerts under 15km/h
360° laser detection
L2 / L3 type laser detection
X / K / Ka / superwide band detection
preferred settings memory
auto mute mode
highway / city sensitivity
key gps features:

trap point alert (programmable pole camera location and alert)
latitude & longitude display
top / average speed display
ETA display
distance to go display
direction to destination arrow
elevation display
electronic compass


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