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Thread: Virus anyone ?
picon face BY : Russell McMahon email (remove spam text)

C'mon guys - we can all get caught out occasionally (and I probably will be
as soon as I post this) but

- NOTHING from incoming email should EVER be allowed to autorun on a Windoze

- NO exe file (or bat, com, vbs, pif, scr and more) should EVER be manually
run without checking it's contents first.
(A virus checker may not save you here.)

- Viewing of all file extensions must be turned on.

I received this too and my virus checker DIDN'T catch it but it was pretty
obviously a virus.
I save such things to disk for inspection at leisure.
Unless you are 101% sure look inside the file for "clues" and if still
unsure ask the sender if it was sent on purpose.
In this case the subject line was rubbish and the vast majority of the
contents was "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA ..." on inspection (Alt-Enter on IE5.x, right
arrow, Alt-M, maximise)

Let's not let the really stupid ones catch us out!!


> Has anyone else received a virus attachment called "sample.exe"
> today ? Andrew Hooper and I both did, and the only thing we have
> in common is the PIClist. Maybe some s***head mined addresses.
> Just be on the lookout. Mine was caught by Inoculate but Andrew's
> auto-ran, slipping past his AV s/w. Andrew can tell you more about
> the virus contents and make-up

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