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Thread: A printing conundrum
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At 08:53 AM 11/8/01 +0800, Kathy Quinlan wrote:
>Hi David,
>RadioSpares are at http://www.RS-Components.com. If you are in the USA you will
>need to use UK export IIRC, set up an account (does not cost anything) and
>they will quote you, and you get access to the online technical library.
>What brand and make is the print head ?

Seiko LTP mech, though that's in question at this point.
Still, they all are pretty much the same in operation.
The axiohm mech that I worked with before had multiple enables too, but it
could take a full burn on all elements (19A@32V for about 300uS every
1200uS or less)

>The electro thermal uses a silver paper, which is at ground potential, and
>just puts a voltage on the print head pin, the short circuit current burns
>the paper thus creating the image, Axiom corp. made lots of these printers.

Oh THAT one!

> From what I remember, this method did not have problems with varying print
>density ie all black or no print, as the print head did not warm all that

Wasn't that the silver paper?
IIRC the electrodes burned up after a while.
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