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Thread: Battery Corrosion and How to Get Rid of it?
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At 10:31 AM 11/8/01 +1100, Gennette, Bruce wrote:
>Battery Corrosion - How to Get Rid of it.
>Scrape away large bits of gunk.
>    If the acid has dried up dampen it first with a wet tissue.
>    Neutralise the acid leakage with baking soda.  Just pour it on straight
>from the box.

Many camera batteries (all?) use an alkaline electrolyte.
Dilution is safer, as it's always predictable.
How do you know you don't end up with an alkaline residue?
Either way is bad, and you may leave other reaction products.
At every step, DW leaves you in better shape than you were before.

>Finish by wiping or spraying with distilled water (or alcohol).

You get here anyway


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