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Thread: LCD panel init problems
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First let me say that the choice of 8 bit vs 4 bit is strictly a matter
of personal taste and/or IO pin limitations. Also, in some cases, there
are LCD displays out there that are 4 bit only.  I have some of these and
this is the main reason I use 4 bit interface so much.

Regarding your explanation, I'm not really sure what you're trying to tell
me.  When I power up the LCD/uC combination, The uC initializes first.
Then, when the program starts running, it initializes the LCD.  It does
this starting in 8 bit first.  I send this 3 times.  After that, I change
to 4 bit, and away we go.  If for some reason, the uC freezes or loses
it's place, the watchdog timer will reset the uC and again reinitialize
the LCD in the same manner as before.

Lastly, again I'd say that the problem (or scenario) you speak of could
possibly happen, but I have never experienced it.  And I've been using
LCD's for many years.  Both professionally, and at home in my own projects.
As for why it has to be sent 3 time, and not other numbers is beyond me.
I don't know why that is.  And I guess to me it doesn't really matter.
As long as I can in itialize the LCD and get it to do what I want, I
don't really mind a slightly lengthy and somewhat illogical initialization



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