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Thread: Speedwarning device using GPS lon/lat.
picon face BY : Russell McMahon email (remove spam text)

> I post this idea on this list to see/find a democratic
> solution to prevent democratic over-speed and respect
> the democratic laws.
> To avoid any misunderstanding....

This is a joke, right ? ;-)
You're (re)defining democratic overspeeding as overspeeding near a speed
radar but not anywhere else where the democratic laws apply just for fun?

> When possible to stop this politic discussion.
> This list is technical not political,
> there are newsgroups for political matters.

Similar "politics" are in fact discussed here from time to time. Usually
related to subjects such as "piracy" (program theft), cable tv decoder
hacking, protected PIC cracking and the like where our work leads us to need
to consider ethical aspects.

> Until today,
> none technical solution found.

I had a look at the Geodesy site supplied by Mike Harrison.


It sounds like THEY think they have the technical solution.
But they are jokesters too !
They think people will pay #UK380 for such a device (about $US550 I think).
They fail to point out all the things that can catch you out that aren't
sitting there nailed to one spot.

They also have a joke entry by Stirling Moss (either that or his mental
faculties are now a sad  shadow of those of yore)
(We ALL wanted to be number 7 back then!)

No doubt you could program such a device to mark all the boundaries of
various speed areas, take a speed feed from the car speedo and have it warn
you if your speed was excessive as you approached such an area. Now THAT
would indeed be a means of preventing "democratic over-speed".

       Russell McMahon

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Subject (change) Speedwarning device using GPS lon/lat.

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