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Thread: how does a radar detector work?
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> I would correct a single word the statement below make (more) true:
> RELATIVE speed kills absolutely. E. g. if a bullet has a relative speed of
> about 500 mph to its target. If one can ride as fast as the bullet and to
> the same direction - no harm.

Aaaarghhhhhh !!!!!!       :-)
It was a joke guys !


"Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Changing this to "relative" would suggest -

   "Power corrupts. Relative power corrupts relatively." :-)

True, but lacks the impact (no pun intended.)

Also, re absolute speed killing, see my prior post which "proved" that
absolute speed MUST result in death :-)
(you must be comprised solely of photons and travel at light-speed.)


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Subject (change) how does a radar detector work?

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