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Thread: how does a radar detector work?
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> And on the other point.  Can you have absolute speed?  I thought it was
> relative.

That was intended as a joke (many seemed to miss this) based on "Power
corrupts, ... "

However, the speed of light IS absolute, measured in all reference frames.
Strangely. This is an utterly bizarre fact by any common standards and
should have set alarm bells ringing well before Einstein and given us long
pause for thought ever since. The special theory of relativity can be
derived using basic geometry and high school level skills given only the
above "fact" as an assumption.

Photons travel everywhere at, and only at, the speed of light but, from
their own perspective, do so instantaneously and timelessly. (The apparent
contradiction occurs due to limits considerations as time approaches zero.)
For all photons everything everywhere always happens instantaneously no
matter where WE think things fit in time sequence. Does that sound absolute
enough :-) ?

       Russell McMahon

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