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Thread: Re =%5BPIC%5D%3A Speedtrap warning device using any GPS receiver.
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> In other words, what you're saying is "drive slow". What needs to be
> realised here, without getting into an argument about who's right and
> who's wrong, is that people will go over the speed limit - be it a
> little or a lot.
> So, for those who want such a device, help them out for the sake of what
> this PIClist is about, rather than preaching about what is deemed
> appropriate motorist behaviour. Fair enough?

Many (most?) modern speedometers are electronically analog driven.
Add a pot and a comparator to monitor this signal and you can tell when a
given speed is exceeded. A suitable caution can be sounded. Add a PIC and
you could have a unit which checks all common speed limits and sounds
different distinctive tones once when each of the limits is exceeded by more
than a certain amount for a certain period. This way the tome for eg 20 or
30 kph does not sound continuously when travelling at eg 50 kph. When the
highest allowable legal speed is exceeded by more than a certain amount the
appropriate tome could sound continuously or a and a speed reduction  signal
could be applied to the auto's system if the speed were exceeded
continuously for more than a certain period. This should pretty much meet
the above objectives.

Is this what you had in mind ? :-)


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